Hello, I'm Andrew Hardman.

I'm a founder, consultant and investor.

I have founded multiple businesses and had multiple successful exits. Family first and with a passion to self improve. My purpose is to help other founders achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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I'm a Founder

One of the hardest but most rewarding undertakings in life is to create your own business. You not only can improve and provide freedom to your own life but also to those employees and customers that join you on your journey.

Personally I have built, run and scaled 4 businesses with multiple successful exits (my most recent was 2020 to IDHL Group), experiencing plenty of failures along the way.

My motivation at this current stage of my career is to help other founders achieve their goals by supporting and imparting my own experiences and lessons learned on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Wired Group my Latest Business sold to IDHL Group

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I help businesses


In 2021 after some time off following my latest exit, I was contacted by a couple of ex-clients about helping them scale their own businesses. Coaching and growth mentorship wasn’t something I had previously considered but I quickly realised all the experiences I had been through could help other founders achieve their goals. 

I have now found a passion to help other founders grow and this has turned into a full time focus for me. I have total respect for any founder starting and growing a business. If I can help them navigate the path to success, by building frameworks and using my experiences to direct and drive growth, I provide worth to them as well as myself.

The result of this experience has been to create another business with the sole purpose to support founders achieve their goals.

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A single formula that is the critical component to enable you as a founder to scale your business.

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A founder's vision is critical to the success of their business. "Business Growth...Guaranteed" sole purpose is to help founders make better decisions that are focussed to their long term growth of the business. The book uses relatable founder stories to inspire you to take massive action and guide you in making the right decisions in your own business.

The result is complete clarity on how you can achieve your personal and business goals.

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