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Advising, Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and advisory services are focused on building a close relationship with the founder(s) to understand their vision, personal and business objectives and then creating an action plan to achieve them. The purpose is to create a partnership where each individual involved understands the objectives and works towards the outcome.

Please contact me above to discuss engagements and your current problems that you need support with.

Consulting clients are limited and focused on these points:

  • MVP to scale up stage
  • Founders who are hands on and don't expect the work to be done for them
  • Founders who are willing to listen and work as a team
  • Founders who are looking for a sounding board to scale
  • SAAS or online B2B business focus

Angel Investment & Non Exec Positions

I do regularly invest in businesses where I can add value and help the founders achieve their goals.

Current portfolio of Investment industries:

  • SAAS
  • Edu Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Technology Growth Sectors

Please reach out to me above so we can arrange a further conversation to assess whether we both feel there is mutual benefit to discuss further.

What Founders I Consult with Are Saying:

“By directing us to focus on the right channels, addressing our messaging and targeting and then optimising our conversion rates, it has increased our bottom line and growth”

James Ball, AdBuilder

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